The girl behind the computer screen.

For starters, my name is Kait and I am a 25 year old recent graduate student. I have my bachelors in psychology and just finished my masters in social work.Ā I chose this path mainly because I love working with people, all sorts of people! My story, I’m sure not unlike many recent graduates, I’m looking for a JOB! A big girl job, a full time job, a job that relates to my field of study. Until then, I am a stay at home pet mommy (I have a dog and cat) during the day and work evenings at a restaurant. It’s a good thing I enjoy food right šŸ˜‰


My babies, Dozer and Sierra.

My ultimate goal in life? I would really like to find a job as a therapist. I specialized in clinical social work and that’s the direction I’d like to stay in. What’s my therapy you say? Well, I cook and then I eat! I believe we all have something out there that we love and find therapeutic, and for me, cooking is just that. It’s relaxing, it takes complete focus and concentration, and my mind doesn’t wonder to any other place, other then what I’m about to put in my stomach!

I am a self taught cook and have learned all the most basic skills through my love of Food Network, practice, and failures (trust me, there’s been many, with scars to prove it!). I have serious love affairs with garlic and onion, which will most likely be found in almost every recipe I post. I would even add them to desserts if it was acceptable. I also really enjoy spicy food. SOO spicy that I have to sweat from the heat. I really enjoy Franks hot sauce and as their slogan goes,Ā “I put that s@*! on everything!” If we’re talking sweets, I really, really, like really, enjoy baking cupcakes. Everyone else enjoys it as well since I typically pawn my cupcakes off on them. However, if you really want to understand my food likes, it’s best describes as the 3 P’s. PIZZA, PASTA, POTATO. Enough said.

Another little tid bit about myself is that I gave up eating red meat and pork when I was 12 and all other meet when I was 15. However, after one brave summer, a few years back, I tried CHICKEN. I now eat chicken and turkey, so the only meats you’ll ever see on this blog will be some version of those two.

Other then wining and dining, I love traveling, seeing new places, spending time with my boyfriend, my friends, and my family. This blog will hopefully eventually incorporate all of my favorites!

gregandIMy boyfriend!


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    • 27 years is impressive! I was a vegetarian for about 12 years, but began eating chicken and turkey again. Hope you find some vegetarian recipes you enjoy!

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