Going Gluten Free (temporarily?)


Pictured above is my grocery shopping trip to Trader Joes.

All gluten free and organic products.

So here’s the thing…I go through a lot of phases where I want to eat clean, or eat healthy, or juice, or cleanse, or etc. My big issue is that I literally can’t stick to a single “trending” diet. For instance, last week, I spent $130 on a 3 day juice cleanse. First and foremost, WHO SPENDS THAT KIND OF MONEY, but seriously, who?! I was getting my juices that were freshly blended at a juice bar and would have 5 a day with a shot of wheat grass. I actually did fairly well. I lasted 2 and a half days, not bad! On my last day, I decided to go out for a turkey burger with my boyfriend, so the last 3 juices fell to the waste side.

ANYWAYS, my point being, I have a very difficult time parting from the things I love and doing what I love most, EATING. So why exactly am I going gluten free? I really have no other choice. Has anyone heard of celiacs disease? It’s a really depressing diagnosis that no longer allows you to eat things that contain gluten. You now have to buy all gluten free products that really never taste like the real deal.

Check out this website if you want more information on Celiac Disease.

If you go on that website, they have a nice little symptom check list you can go through. Welp, it was depressing. I pretty much had almost every single symptom on that list. I’ve had several other diagnoses from my doctor, from a gastrointestinal doctor, and none of them were able to help or find remedies. I finally had some blood work done, but that came up negative for celiacs. That would mean I can rule out Celiacs right? Wrong. Apparently, you can still have celiacs even if it does not show up in your blood work. A true test is through your intestines. No thanks, I’ll try a different method first. My aunts a nurse and recommended I try going gluten free for a few weeks and to pay attention if I notice any symptom reduction. Welllllll, I was told to do this a few years ago. No pasta, no pizza, no bread? I would die. Finally, my friend wanted to go gluten free as well and we made a pact to do it for a few weeks.

The next two weeks I will be posting about my progress and hopefully some great gluten free recipes!

If anyone knows of any excellent gluten free products or recipes, feel free to share πŸ™‚


2 responses to “Going Gluten Free (temporarily?)

    • Well, that’s typically how I am as well! Unfortunately, when symptoms of a disease begin to take over your life, it’s time to reconsider your eating habits. You best believe if I don’t notice a difference, I’m going right back to my old ways and will eat whatever while I continue my hunt for a new remedy πŸ˜‰

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