Painting Furniture


Exciting news!!!! I just moved 🙂 I recently submitted my LAST paper of my graduate career and couldn’t be more trilled. What did I do in the midst of final papers? I moved. Apparently, I like to challenge myself (both physically and mentally). It gets crazier….I decided to paint an ENTIRE bedroom set of furniture. I do not know what possessed me to take on such a lofty project in the midst of a move and the end of semester chaos.

That being said, the furniture turned out excellent!

In all seriousness, this project was a pain in the butt. I’m too scrawny to move large pieces of furniture outdoors or into the garage to paint. Instead, I decided to paint, inside, over carpets (who does that?). Thankfully, I don’t have to knock on wood when I say this since the painting in complete, but I actually didn’t spill a drop!

furnitureChaos, total chaos.

Words to the wise. Take your time and use a paint roller! Otherwise, you are more likely to experience drips, which look terrible when dried and are hard to remove. Yes, I had personal experience with this. Oops.

I used water based paint from home depot. The color I chose was an almond glaze. The hardware was spray painted a metallic bronze. Much cheaper then buying a whole new set of furniture and hardware, that’s for sure!


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